This FAQ is an attempt to answer the most basic questions related to moving permits and our service. If you need more specific information please call us at 617-424-7275 and we will be happy to assist you.

What is a moving permit?

A moving permit is a broad term to describe a document and/or set of signs issued by a city government that allows someone to reserve a parking space for moving trucks at a specific address for a specific date and time. Cities use different terminology for these types of permits. Examples names include Street Occupancy Permit, Encroachment Permit, Public Way Permit, Moving Van Permit, No Stopping Permit, Restricted Parking Permit, Public Space Permit, Street Use Permit, Truck Permit, etc.

Why do I need a moving permit?

Moving permits can greatly simplify a city move. Moving permits establish your legal right to be parked at a specific address. Moving permits get you to the curb directly in front of the building, greatly decreasing the time of each move. Less time consuming moves often translates to less money. Moving permits also greatly reduce that chance of parking tickets and the accompanying hassles of parking enforcement officers.

What are normal times issued on a permit?

Permit times vary slightly city to city but usually issued 8am to 5pm. Go to our permit request form and select a city name and the normal permit times are displayed.

Does every city issue moving permits?

Unfortunately no, some cities do not issue moving permits. New York City, for example, does not issue these permits. Smaller, less-dense cities and towns generally do not issue permits either.

What if there is not legal parking in front of the address?

Permits are only allowable in legal parking spaces. Signs will be posted at the nearest legal parking area.

Are metered parking spaces a problem?

Typically not but you should provide us the specific meter head numbers. These numbers are located on each meter. If you are unable to provide these numbers, please let us know about the meters anyways. It is very important to pay for the meters. Failure to pay a city for metered spaces can nullify your permit.

How big of a truck can I fit in a permit space?

It depends on the city. A typical permit is about 40 feet long with two “No Parking” signs at both ends. Some cities are quite generous while other cities attempt to discourage large trucks on their roadways by limiting the size of permit spaces. Go to our permit request form and select a city name and the typical permit area/sizes are usually displayed.

Who should I call if someone is parked in the permit area?

This depends on the City. Go to our permit request form and select a city name and the enforcement telephone number will be displayed.

Who hangs the signs?

Hanging or posting the signs is Permit Puller’s responsibility. Depending on the city, your signs will be posted by Permit Puller, the local police or the traffic department.

When do the signs go up?

This depends on the city. Signs generally go up about 48-96 hours in advance of the permit date and time.

The city I’m looking for isn’t listed on your permit request form, can you still help me?

We hope so. If there is a permit to be had, we will attempt to get it for you. Please select “Other” request form and provide the information we request. These types of permit requests often require additional lead time.

My permit signs are missing, what should I do?

Email us immediately and we will try of best to get replacement signs. We usually do read our email on the weekends.

Can I put a PODS or Door to Door Storage container in the street in front of my home?

Many cities will allow containers to be placed in the street, while others prohibit it. You can check this by visiting our permit request form and selecting a city name.